*There’s more talk about Aretha Franklin’s biopic, again.

This time around Jennifer Hudson says she wants to be the star.

She was actually among the list of celebrities the Queen of Soul picked to be in her big production.

Others included Nia Long, as her older sister, Kerry Washington as her younger sister, and Blair Underwood as her older brother.

She also mentioned Terrence Howard and Denzel Washington.

She’s serious about these casting choices.

At one point, Halle Berry was her top choice to play the star role.

Let’s get real here, Aretha.

Anyway, lucky for us, Halle declined the role and freed up room for someone more reasonable like Jennifer Hudson, who openly expressed her desire to do it.

Besides, J-Hud can actually sing.

OK, let’s get real again.  Isn’t Jennifer too skinny nowadays? Would she pack on the pounds for the role. Hmm, just asking.