floyd mayweather & josie harris

Floyd Mayweather and Josie Harris

*Floyd Mayweather’s ex has a big heart … at least that what we hope is going on here.

Josie Harris is now saying, despite the fact that Mayweather beat her in front of their children, she and the boxing champ are trying to put their fighting past behind them so they can raise their three kids in a stable environment, reports TMZ.

You’ll recall … Floyd was popped back in 2010 after Josie accused him of striking her “multiple times in the head with his fist” and then threatening to kill her. Josie and Floyd’s children were present.

Floyd later pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence and served two months in jail.

Now Josie says, “S**t happens. I’m not mad at him at all … I love Floyd to death.”

She adds, “[Floyd] loves his kids and is a great father. He would never do anything like that again … I’m sorry the situation happened … now we will just progress and start over and move forward together.”

We wish them the best.