charlie & kenya bell

Charlie and Kenya Bell

*Let’s face it, you can walk away from a high-profile title without stumbling when you got bank following you.

Kenya Bell may not technically be a “basketball wife” any longer, but the former “Basketball Wives” star will be leaving the marriage with a lot of NBA dough.

You might recall, Kenya and Charlie were entangled in a bitter divorce battle over money. Charlie wanted Kenya to support him, claiming he makes pennies with no more NBA contract. Kenya wanted Charlie to give up a chunk of his seven-figure savings and pay child support.

But the outcome of a judgment filed on August 27 determines neither has to pay spousal support; but Charlie has to shell out $1,000/month in child support, but they’ll share custody of their two daughters. Kenya keeps the marital home in

Michigan, and the home bought for her parents. Charlie gets the condo in Vegas and the home he bought his parents.

As for cold hard cash, Kenya was awarded $780,000 from Charlie’s savings … leaving him with $656,000. She also gets half of the $670,000 from another account.

Kenya gets HALF OF EVERYTHING from the following: Charlie’s NBA 401k plan, his NBA retirement plan, his NBA pension, NBA welfare plan, and NBA supplement benefit plan.

Charlie does not get anything from Kenya’s “Basketball Wives” money.