keyshia cole (breakfasft club)*A few days ago songstress Keyshia Cole sat down with the Power 105 Breakfast Club crew to do some dishing about her new CD, “Woman to Woman,” comparisons to K. Michelle and her new reality show, “Family First.”

The subject of Jay-Z and Beyonce also came up and Cole – accompanied by her husband, NBA baller Daniel “Boobie” Gibson – told how much she admired the high-profile couple.

“I love in my mind to look at Jay-Z and Beyonce because I think that he is a guy that’s hood but he got his business together and I think he respects his woman regardless of what that is,” she said. “He respects her doing her thing. If that’s her doing sexy clothes, if that’s her singing whatever song she wants to sing, heartbroken, happy, whatever, he supports his woman.”

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Then the subject turned to singer K. Michelle.

“I feel like, when I came into the business you have that somebody that you say, ‘She set limits for me and know that I can reach that plateau’, and I like I am that for K. Michelle like Mary was that for me,” said Keyshia. “Whoever comes after K. it’s gon’ be all G. I’ve already done a lot of things that people are tryin’ do and I’m gonna give you the best advice to you and if you call me I’m gonna let you know what it is, my personal feelings and my beliefs about the industry and anything I can do to help… as long as it’s not money.”

There was lots more. Check out the full interview interview below.