kim kardashian*A celebrity doesn’t stand a chance trying to skate around an issue where Barbara Walters is concerned.

The iconic 82-year-old television broadcaster has been trapping people in their own crap for decades. A consummate interviewer, Barbara has always been known to ask the tough questions. She has set the pace that other journalists still attempt to follow. Now, after a career where she has had intimate conversations with royalty, here she is interviewing Kim Kardashian.

You gotta give Kim credit though; she was brave enough to stop by the set of the ABC show, “The View,” to chat with Walters and the show’s co-hosts on Wednesday. Using the M.O. that she has become known for, Walters zones right in on Khardashian’s relationship with Kanye West.

“I remember interviewing him, he’s an adorable man,” states Barbara Walters.

This is already suspect. Have you ever heard the word “adorable” in the same sentence with Kanye West?

And of course, Walters didn’t stop there. That was just the intro. She continues, “Having said that; what about marriage? Do you want his child? Where are we?”

Finding herself clearly caught off guard, Kardashian took a moment to gather her, uh,…thoughts, before responding, albeit indirectly,

“Technically, I mean I’m still married… In a perfect world, when you find someone that you really feel like is your perfect match…” Walter’s interjects, “Is he?” To which Kardashian responds sheepishy on her way to her next comment, “I think so. I’m trying not, I feel like I’ve talked so much in the past.”

With everyone speaking at once now, Walters tries to get things back on track. “Let me just finish this for a second,” Walters continues. She has gained control, repeating Kim’s prior statement that “she is now a different person…Divorced…,” then Walters asks, “Are you really thinking in terms of a permanent relationship?

“I definitely think anything I’d be in now is a permanent relationship,” Kim responds.


Just to be clear Walters reiterates the question, “…the one that you’re in now?”

Kim (looking and sounding terribly unsure) “I hope…I believe so.”

And there you have it folks.

When the conversation turned to the Lamborghini Kim gave Kanye for his birthday, she justified it (after Sherri Shephard asked ‘what does a guy have to do to get such a car’) by saying she feels the two of them have been through so much together over the years as friends. With that, it seemed natural when Barbara Walters interjected: “What has he given you? What’s the best present he has given you?”

“Just like, support,” Khardashian answers. Well, you certainly can’t put a price on that.