Lamorne Morris in a scene from Fox’s “The New Girl”

*One of the things fans of the Fox comedy “New Girl” will find out about Winston in Season 2 is that he can’t hold his liquor.


“He can’t quite handle his fruity drinks.  I’ll leave it at that,” Lamorne Morris said of his character in interviews ahead of Tuesday’s two-episode season premiere.

The breakout comedy stars Zooey Deschanel as Jess, a quirky school teacher who moves in with three male roommates she found on Craigslist after catching her boyfriend cheating.  Morris, Jake Johnson (Nick) and Max Greenfield (Schmidt) play the roommates who grow to accept her dorkness.

In Tuesday’s premiere, Morris says, “Jess gets laid off and she starts to hang out with Nick a lot.  Now as we know Nick is an alcoholic bum who just hangs out at his bar all day and drinks, or at home and drinks, and Jess is doing both with him to become drinking buddies.  Schmidt gets his cast removed from his penis and decides to throw a party that has a theme which is hilarious.”

In Season 1’s finale, Morris reminds us, “My character was still dating Shelby. He overcame his fear of the dark and he was in a middle ground I guess with his job.  So he had a rocky situation with his job.  He hated it and he’s looking for a little bit of job advancement in Season Two.  So we’ll see how that goes.

“Whatever goes up must come down and we will see that with Winston, you know.  And like any bit of rubber or whatever, whatever goes down will bounce right back up.  So you’ll see a lot of this in his life, you know.  You’ll meet his mom, you’ll meet his sister which is great.”

Keenyah Hill plays Winston’s sister on “The New Girl”

Winston’s mom (Anna Marie Horsford) and sister Alisha (Keenyah Hill from Cycle 4 of “America’s Next Top Model”) make their debut on Tuesday’s second episode at 8:30 p.m. Below, Morris gives us the scoop on her storyline and how it inevitably intersects with Schmidt.

Greenfield, meanwhile, gave his own two cents about Schmidt’s encounter with Alisha:  “I come waltzing out of my room one day and unbeknownst to me, Alisha is at the refrigerator, and the door closes and I see this tall beauty in front of me, and decide, ‘Oh, now I’m going to have to sleep with Winston’s sister’.  So that becomes my mission in the second show.”

Watch a clip from the episode below.