lil wayne (qd3 deposition)*TMZ got hold of some verrrry interesting footage of Lil Wayne being deposed in a legal case.

Weezy, who’s suing Quincy Jones III – who’s better known as QD III – over a documentary about him, says he can’t remember anything, but what he does remember is … well, you gotta see it

But first, here’s the back story:

QD III had his production team follow Lil Wayne around for months to chronicle his life as he was putting together his album, “Tha Carter III.” It appears Lil was on board, but things fell apart because the rapper hated the movie, calling it a “scandalous portrayal.”

Lil Wayne is grilled by Qunicy’s lawyer, Pete Ross from the powerhouse law firm of Browne George Ross, who hammers Wayne about his criminal record, but the rapper claims he remembers nothing.

And then there are the alleged threats Wayne makes against Pete Ross.  Wayne says he wasn’t threatening the lawyer.  You be the judge.

You gotta watch the videos.  Writing Wayne’s words in a post does not do it justice.

OK then, let’s do just that:

You can check out more of the videos from the deposition at TMZ.