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*Today at the new SCORE Las Vegas sports fan attraction (the only one of its kind), in the lobby of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, a power packed room of people gathered. People like football hall-of-famers Warren Moon and Marcus Allen, President/CEO of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enterprise, George Veras and President & Curator of SCORE Las Vegas, Janay Smith, gathered to mark a celebrated partnership between the new attraction and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

SCORE Las Vegas is part of the legacy of the late legendary litigator, Attorney Jock Smith and his business partner and CEO of SCORE, Jim Beckmann. SCORE Las Vegas, is an attraction combining a retail and upcoming interactive sports fan experience. The purpose is to give the ordinary fan the opportunity to become a sports legend (if only for a few hours) by participating in this one of a kind sports attraction. Speaking of legends and furthermore of legacies, Jock Smith’s ownership in this Las Vegas business made him the first African-American to own a business on the strip.

Now his daughter Janay Marriel Smith will continue her father’s (Jock Smith) dream as the President of SCORE Las Vegas. “My father was an extraordinary man. His continual fight for the least of these made him a true hero in my eyes and the hearts of the many he served. Along with his commitment to the underserved, he had a deep passion for sports, which led him to amass an unprecedented collection of sports paraphernalia that will provide various items for display at the attraction”, says Smith.

For Janay, the decision to continue her father’s legacy was an easy one. Having grown up watching the way he owned his space in the world (that he paid for with his service to others), his passion

Janay Smith
Photo by Tom Donoghue

realized and his family values displayed, it was a no brainer to step up to the plate regarding SCORE. While Janay Marriel Smith may not be a name you recognize today, she certainly should be on your list of “People to Watch”. She’s a three degreed (Howard University undergrad for Engineering, Stanford Master’s in Product Design and Cumberland School of Law), licensed attorney, who utilizes her engineering skills to create inventions that provide solutions to everyday problems. In addition, she is a master (I like to say Ninja like) analyzer of any situation. Give her the scenario and she’ll give you incredible perspective to assist you with your solution. All of these skills will prove to be assets for her new venture with SCORE.

I had the privilege of meeting Smith when she lived in Boston and worked as Product Inventor for Gillette. Having watched her journey, I am certain that you just never know where life will take you. No matter where you are on your path, reserve judgment and don’t be too set in your ways before you just live a little longer. If you would have asked her some years ago, where she’d be at this point in her life, there would have been no mention of being President of the first black owned business on the strip in Las Vegas or of her father, Attorney Jock Smith being gone. Her father was taken too soon and she imagined standing beside him, not standing instead of him. A bitter sweet moment launching SCORE, for sure.

Currently, the SCORE retail space is open and many exciting events are happening. Check out their website at for more information and the opening of the upcoming full attraction.

SCORE! The legacy of Jock Smith continues with Janay. Stay tuned. . .

See Janay making comments at the SCORE NFL Hall of Fame by clicking here

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