*Marques Houston got a wake up call while taking on a new role as the marketing executive “Sean Price” in the dance film “Battlefield America.”

 He’s a hardworking man, but this gig was a bit much this time around.

“I’m very lazy, and I didn’t know how lazy I was,” Houston admitted to The BoomBox, laughing at his own revelation. “Taking on this role, I had the bulk of the work. I would be trying to sit in my trailer like, ‘Please shoot something else so I can get a break.'”

Houston plays the role of an inspirational coach, determined to rescue six rebellious children through the arts.

“There’s six kids I’m working with and there’s candy and there’s soda around and [the kids are] going a mile a minute then when you need them to work they done burned off all that energy so they’re tired,” Houston said. “So I really had to be motivational and take on that role off-camera.”

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Overall, the job was tough on camera and behind the scenes.

Now he’s on to other projects. Houston is currently working on another flick, this time horror – “The Helpers,” which will be released later this year.

Let’s not forget that he was a singer first. So he’s working on another album to please his fans.

“My fans have been really, really on me about getting some new music out there,” he said. “The album is going great and I’m really excited about it.”

BTW, “Battlefield America” is available on DVD/Blu-Ray now. Marques will debut a new single off his forthcoming untitled LP Sept. 24.