*Sisters Erica and Tina Campbell of Mary Mary, are causing yet another stir in the gospel world.

A recent clip of season 2 of their self-titled show made heads spin when sister Goo Goo Atkins and sister-in-law Joi Campbell are in the midst of auctioning male dancers for a bachelorette party. In the clip, one of the dancers dropped his pants a bit low and may have caused some church mothers to roll over in a hot sweat.

Another clip features the duo’s manager Mitchell Soarek and Goo Goo’s boyfriend going at it in a heated confrontation that may have escalated physically.

“Mary Mary” season 2 doesn’t premiere until December 1, but folks are already talking mad mess about it.

Fans have taken to social media sites to express their concern over whether or not the ladies are taking gospel to a place it doesn’t belong.

But the girls seem excited enough.

In an interview with Sister 2 Sister in May, they expressed tickling anticipation for the show.

“We’re super-excited about season 2- more music, more mommying, more husbands, more Goo Goo, Mitchell and Ms Honey, and definitely more fun and chaos.”