*Yay, they’re finally a legit couple with rights and stuff.

Matt Barnes and longtime love Gloria Govan finally jumped the broom in Vegas over the weekend.

The two actually canceled their big wedding, but here they are, together forever.

Gloria’s sister, Laura, was celebrating her birthday the day before the two got hitched, but it looks like the couple had other plans for the getaway.

While it certainly is a bit of a shocker, it shouldn’t be because we already knew it was going to be a big deal, right? Just last week, Gloria said in an interview,

“Marriage isn’t necessarily a huge priority for me. Matt and I are working on our relationship in terms of being parents first and foremost, being friends secondly and like I said, we had so much growth, we have to get to know each other. I know it’s in the future, it’s just not tomorrow. I think when it happens, everyone will be surprised because I don’t think we will make a big deal out of it.”

In the meantime, Matt Barnes is also in the middle of some trouble. The pro-baller – now with the LA Clippers – was arrested over the summer for driving with a suspended license. Cops handcuffed him after he was enjoying a nice romantic dinner with his then-girlfriend inside of a local restaurant.

But more issues came up when Barnes was reaching in his pocket to give his keys to Gloria. The arresting officer grabbed his hand and Barnes pulled away.

That then became a felony offense for resisting arrest.

Fortunately for him, the D.A. didn’t see it that way, and excused the claim and got him for interfering with the duties of a police officer, a misdemeanor, says TMZ.