anthony foxx*Of course you know the Democratic National Convention is being held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The beautiful city  is presided over by Mayor Anthony Foxx, who at 41, is being touted as one of the future leaders of the party.

In other words, he’s getting a lot of attention this week.

Mayor Foxx had been mayor for barely a year when he got the news: Charlotte was chosen to host the Democratic National Convention.

He had spent the year promoting his city as a symbol of the New South – a place that helped President Barack Obama win a state that for decades had gone for the Republican. Now, the chatter among fellow Democrats is that Foxx himself is a symbol of the New South and could parlay this week – with all the opportunities to court delegates, political advisers and national media – into higher office.

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“You just heard from a great leader here in Charlotte and I think the face of the New South,” Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the convention chairman, said Monday after Foxx spoke at the convention’s opening news conference. “He’s not only a leader for the South, he’s a leader for the nation.”

Foxx became this city’s youngest and its second African-American mayor when he was elected in 2009 to his first two-year term after serving on the city council.

His time in office has been marked by efforts to diversify Charlotte’s commerce after the Great Recession and support for Obama’s economic-recovery policies. The lawyer has become a leading campaign surrogate for the president in North Carolina.

The question is whether Foxx can get elected to higher office, something most other recent Charlotte mayors have failed to do.

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