*Memphis, Tennessee will begin an initiative to lower crime this month when city residents will have the opportunity to exchange their firearms for free gas and tickets to a Memphis Grizzlies basketball game on the grounds of a local Baptist church.

On Sept. 15, the city gave away $50 MAPCO gas cards to people who were willing to turn in their firearms, even if they are illegal. According to Fox News, each firearm was worth one $150 gas card.

In addition to free gas, the city also gave away two free tickets to a pre-season Memphis Grizzlies basketball game that will take place next month. Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton spoke about the inspiration for the initiative that took place in the parking lot of Bloomfield Baptist Church in the city.

“Crime, especially violent crime, is often fueled by relatively easy access to firearms,” Wharton said in a Fox report. “Last year, 1,600 guns were reported stolen here in Memphis. Those guns didn’t just evaporate and disappear. They ended up on the street.”

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