michael clarke duncan*One thing is for sure, greed knows no boundaries.

As reported by AlwaysAList.com, only one day following the death of actor Michael Clark Duncan, his estate may have been hit with an apparent extortion attempt.

The actor is allegedly being targeted posthumously by a Chicago woman who has been on the scene before in unsuccessful attempts to get money from the actor and claims to be his daughter.

Duncan, who died on Sept. 3 as a result of the heart attack he suffered on July 13, took a D.N.A. test when the woman surfaced many years ago, to prove that he was not her father. Now, after hearing of his death, she’s back.

“This woman… keeps calling his family and business offices in an attempt to get money,” the source claims, adding that during one particular call, the woman allegedly declared ‘if she didn’t get what she wanted, she’d go to the press.’”

“I can blow this thing up if I don’t get what I want,” the woman…allegedly told a member of Duncan’s team.

Hmm, that’s what AlwaysAList is reporting.

Meanwhile, theGrio is reporting that  Chicago’s WFLD-TVrecently conducted an interview with Maquea Amrbose, a 32-year-old woman living in Chicago, who claims to be the Academy Award nominee’s secret daughter (See video report below).

She says that she hasn’t talked to her father in eleven years and regrets that they didn’t fix things between them before he passed away.

“The only thing that really bothers me about him passing is that we didn’t fix,” Ambrose said. “That’s the only thing that I hate. I hate it but it doesn’t bother me that I’m not mentioned.”

According to RadarOnline.com, Ambrose is now trying to extort the late actor’s estate for financial gain, allegedly telling the family that she “wants what’s mine.”

Sources close to Duncan told RadarOnline.com that the family doesn’t know Ambrose and are questioning why she suddenly has come forward with these allegations.

“Michael did date Marquea’s mother, but he believed he was not her father,” a source said. “He was in the hospital for 53 days, and she never once reached out or tried to talk to him then. It was the day he died that she started calling his mother saying ‘I want what’s mine’ and trying to get money from her.”

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