michael jai white *Move over Spiderman, Iron Man, and all the rest. There’s a new action hero in town, and he’s ready to kick some serious arse.

Except for “Spawn ” and “Black Dynamite,” his action hero talents have been kinda overlooked in the past. But the time has come for actor Michael Jai White, who has been cast to play former marine, John “Falcon” Chapman, in what is expected to be an action movie franchise from Moonstone Entertainment, titled “Codename: Falcon.”

Described as a “dark anti-hero driven by guilt,” Falcon will destroy himself unless given something else to destroy; making him “a useful weapon-of-last-resort for the foreign ministry.” The first movie, FAVELA, sees Chapman traveling to Brazil to hunt down his sister’s killers, in the process, discovering an underground world of drugs, prostitution, and police corruption ruled by the Japanese mafia.

The first film in the franchise, titled “Favela,” is currently in pre-production. It will be directed by Isaac Florentine, who has directed several straight-to-video action movies with *name* actors.

Might we assume that “Favela” will also be a straight-to-video release? Stay tuned.

Moonstone’s plans are to produce about one Falcon movie a year, following Chapman as he is sent to exotic locations to do the foreign ministry’s dirty work. Shooting on the movie is planned to begin late this year.

Michael Jai White will next be seen on the big screen in Charlie Matthau’s dramedy, “Freaky Deaky.”