strahan & ripa*Even though EUR and most of the media already announced that Michael Strahan would become Kelly Ripa’s permanent co-host of “Live,” it wasn’t officially official.

Well, now it is. It’ll be interesting to see Ms. Ripa gettin’ her flirt on with Big Mike, who equally, if not more out-going than she is. Should their respective other-halfs (Yes you, Nicole Murphy and Mr. Ripa) be be a little concerned?

Anyway, here’s what The Hollywood Reporter says:

Since Philbin’s exit last November, Live! has had numerous guest co-hosts, starting with Jerry Seinfeld. Others included Neil Patrick Harris, Jim Parsons, Alec Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, Mary J. Blige and Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos.

“As a guest co-host, Michael’s chemistry with Kelly was off the charts, and continued to grow each time he visited the show,” said Michael Gelman, Live! executive producer, in a statement. “The interaction between the co-hosts always has been what makes this show different from any other on television. Kelly and Michael’s ability to play off of one another and just plain have a good time together creates great TV for the audience.”

Strahan made 20 appearances as a guest co-host on the daytime program over the past two years.

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