million father march (moreno valley, ca)

Million Father March – Moreno Valley, CA

*Moreno Valley, CA.  On September 8, Bishop Lacy Sykes, Jr., Sr. Pastor of Cross Word Christian Church, lead fathers in prayer as several hundred marchers gathered to begin their journey back to school during the nationally acclaimed Million Father March.  Of which, has become the largest fatherhood outreach of its kind focused on children and education.

As men and families proceeded on the 2.8 mile trek through the cities of Riverside and Moreno Valley, escorted by Moreno Valley Police, engaging dialogue and chants (“I Am My Child’s Superhero”) began to break out among men about the church, education, community, themselves and the future of their children.  Without question, this social impact campaign opened a pathway and brought the church out of its four walls and provided a unique and distinct presence of an epidemically rare attendee.  Large numbers of men.

While the impact of the crowd caught the attention of numerous motorists and passersby, the origin of the procession gave a powerful, yet, chilling spiritual presence of church and community many said they have not experienced in a very long time.  When asked about opening his church up to host the 2012 Inland Empire Million Father March, Bishop Sykes replied, “It simply made sense and was the right thing to do. We must truly remember how important fathers really are.  In fact, they are more important than mothers because mothers are for the majority of the time always there.  It is the absent father that has a tremendous impact on the child, therefore, signifying their high importance.”  Listen to Bishop Sykes further comments about the Million Father March on KCAA 1050 AM radio, Changes In The Air with Nicole Smith.

Million Father March Panel Discussion

Million Father March Panel Discussion – Photo courtesy Shannon O’Brien

Fatherhood Feature: Richard O. Jones delivered a powerful rendition of his renowned “Thy Art My Son” poem during the 2012 Inland Empire Million Father March on September 8, 2012.  Learn more about the poet and his work at:

Because of the significance, fathers coming together to address the needs of their children’s education and well-being, a follow-up discussion entitled “Million Father March Re-visited” is already being planned at the request of participants. This effort, states Terry Boykins, Street Positive CEO and Million Father March Organizer, “Is part of installing safety mechanisms to ensure the cracks are filled before our children fall through them.  Once again, we have proven that men and fathers can and will come together to address key issues related to their communities, children’s education, safety and well-being.  I am truly looking forward to another powerful evidence-based practice related to father hood engagement intent on impacting the Inland Empire region like never before.  We encourage all that want to be part of the solution to contact us at”

The Los Angeles Million Father March and Back-to-School Giveaway will be held at Mona Park in Compton, CA on September 29. Helping to lead the march will be notable Urban Superhero and youth advocate, Dangerman.



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