*Here comes NeNe startin’ some ish again.

The reality television star recently criticized the controversial Evelyn Lozada for putting all her business out in the street.

NeNe, who also was once a victim of domestic violence, says her peer should have kept her mouth shut about the violence in her relationship with Chad Johnson.

“The only advice I would have for Evelyn is to be quiet,” NeNe said in a recent interview. “I wouldn’t say anything else. To me, it makes matters worse and I would be quiet and try to handle it privately.”

She admitted, however, that she hasn’t even spoken to Evelyn about anything; stating that she’s not sure when the right time would be. (So going to the media is better?)

“I wanted to reach out to her, but I didn’t,” said the Bravo housewife. “I feel like when people are going through something, I’m confused about whether I should say something or not, because so many people are saying stuff to them.”

Too late, she said it.

Regardless, NeNe says she’s there for Evelyn, though they talk very little.