Presidential motorcade arrives at 40/40 club in New York City, Tuesday (Sept. 18, 2012)

*Following a stop on the “Late Show With David Letterman” in New York on Tuesday, President Barack Obama attended a fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyoncé at the rapper’s 40/40 Club and left with a cool $4 million for his reelection campaign.


A pool report notes that 100 donors in suits and dresses sat on sofas in a large, dark glassy room at Jay-Z’s exclusive club, each having paid $40,000 to get in the door.

“I can’t tell you how proud we are to host tonight’s event with President Obama,” Beyoncé, wearing a red cocktail dress, told the crowd. “We believe in his vision.”

Obama thanked them when he took the stage.

“To J and B, thank you so much for your friendship.”

The president told the crowd that “Michelle, Sasha and Malia are mad at me because they aren’t here.”

He said the couple has been so generous to his children: “Beyoncé couldn’t be a better role model for our daughters because she carries herself with such class and poise and has so much talent.”

Obama also said he and Jay-Z have a lot of common. “We both have daughters and our wives are more popular than we are. So, you know, we’ve got a little bond there. It’s hard but it’s okay.”

Obama was more subdued while speaking at this event, though he hit many of his same themes.

“We’ve made history in the past and we’re going to make history in the next seven weeks,” he said.