robert griffin & saints player*If we had to guess, we’d say our chief writer, Cherie Saunders, had a good day today, Sunday.

And why do we say that? Well, her beloved Washington Redskins and their new, soon-to-be NFL superstar quarterback Robert Griffin lll, upset Drew Brees and and the New Orleans Saints in the 2012 season opener for both teams.

Robert Griffin III brought his Heisman Trophy swagger to New Orleans and made his NFL debut look like a Big Easy.

Showing a veteran’s composure by scrambling only when necessary, the dynamic Redskins rookie quarterback tormented New Orleans’ defense with 320 yards passing and two touchdowns, and Washington held on for 40-32 victory over the Saints on Sunday.

“I’ve won a high school state championship and a bowl game in college, but to play in the NFL, the pinnacle of it all, and win your first game against a Hall of Famer in Drew Brees, it’s at the top,” Griffin said while cradling the game ball he had just been given. “After the game, (Brees) told me he was proud of me. That’s big for him to say after he just lost the game.”

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