*Oh now Mr. Run Off with Some Brazilian Model Chick, Rohan Marley wants to talk about Wyclef Jean being a sucka.

As we reported, Wyclef, in his new book, “Purpose,” is claiming that Lauryn Hill tricked him into thinking she was pregnant with his baby … he says the two had an affair in 1996, while he was married. He added that she made him believe her first born, Zion David, was his.

But Rohan (pictured) is saying that the Haiti native is making things up to up his publicity for the book.

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That was news to Rohan, who dated (and lived with) Lauryn from ’96 to 2004, and tells TMZ … Wyclef “knew from jump that was my son from the day [Lauryn] was pregnant.”

Rohan claims the former Fugee musician was the one who actually hooked up the pair in the first place, so anything Wyclef and Lauryn had going on ended for sure.

“They were definitely not messing around, or he would never have given me the okay,” Rohan said, adding that Wyclef is in need of a few good headlines to spark a bit more interest in his career.

But the singer responded with a pretty well known turn of events.

“There is no way that I would have shown up in the hospital in that circumstance to wait for a baby to be born if it was not mine,” Wyclef told TMZ. “The idea of a memoir is to tell the truth. I know that often the truth hurts, but a lie hurts even more.”