ron c walters*Inspired by faith, Grace-TMG Gospel recording artist Ron. C and producers Kt & Rocc Thomas of SFG Productions, brought their talents together to produce the incredible self-titled album – Ron C Walters, Here Is My Life – as a testament that faith in God conquers all things.

Hailing from San Antonio, TX, Ron was born in a humble family of musicians and began his journey in music at a very young age.  His love for the art transcended into a timeless sound full of soul and passion for the Lord Jesus Christ.

On the first single from the CD, he flipped the old Hall and Oates hit, “I Can’t Go for That” into a gospel rendition to win souls for Christ and to comfort souls as his ministry extends with him singing such selections from his album as “Some Kind Of Way” and “My Daily Bread.”

Ron is a man who writes, produces and performs music for the kingdom of God. In his humble beginnings, he played drums at the age of 3, piano at the age of 7 and guitar at the age of 9.  He played all instruments by ear. Singing with his fraternal twin; harmonies and key changes were a natural occurrence when they sang together. He appeared in pre-school and high school musicals and plays.

He would sing the latest R&B songs and make beats for rappers who were mostly his friends. He grew-up on the east side in San Antonio and was the coolest white dude that never saw color as a barrier and had fun with everyone in the neighborhood.  Ron’s music accomplishments begin to show great promise when he was placed on the ballot of the 2010 official Grammy Award; and; in 2009, the National Academy of Recording Artist & Science placed him and his colleagues Michelle Myers and Chase D on the Official Ballot in the Grammy Award category of Record Of The Year. He received an Angel of Mercy Award both as Artist, Producer, Recording Engineer and Mixer and for The Best Male Pop Performance. In addition, he received The Sarah Award for The Best Pop Instrumental Performance. He scored The National Academy of Recording Artist & Science for his song “Tonight” and placed on the ballot of Record Of The Year with Michelle Myers co-songwriter.

Ron performed for the Annual Christmas Tree Dedication at the Oklahoma City Civic Center for Victims of Violent Crimes. He was loved by the audience of Jack and Ron show on KISS-FM singing a “live” performance of “Will You Still Love Me.” He performed on the Band-Shell Stage of The Oklahoma State Fair and as a DJ was heard “live” on 98.7-FM USA World Showcase in Las Vegas. He sang at the State Capital Juneteenth celebration as his song was added to the play-list of Relax Radio Perth, in Australia and was featured as Artist of the Month by WDOV 89.0 IR, out of Windermere, FL. He was featured in the Christian Online Magazine, in San Antonio. WABL 99.5 premiered 3 of his songs during their historical tribute to Malcolm X and he was asked to sing for the devastating events of 911.  He also toured with gospel legends Lee Williams & Spiritual Cs.

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