friends and family at lil jojo funeral

Family and friends arrive for the funeral of rapper Lil Jojo in Chicago on Friday. The 18-year-old rapper was fatally shot last week in the Chicago neighborhood of Englewood. (Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune)

*If you had made a bet that there would be drama at the funeral of slain Chicago rapper Lil JoJo, you would’ve been right ’cause it was.

If you’re not familiar with this sad saga, scroll down for the backstory. In the meantime, as far what happened at the funeral, here’s what NBC Chicago is reporting:

Chicago police on Friday cleared out a funeral home during services for a slain teen rapper after hundreds of mourners rushed toward the casket and nearly knocked it to the floor.

The mother and sister of Lil Jojo — whose real name is Joseph Coleman — were led out of the viewing area hysterical, as other family members took to the microphone, yelling at other mourners to “Get the [expletive] out!”

Chicago police swarmed the area, with about a dozen unmarked police cars circling the Jones Funeral Home, at West 79th Street and South Kedzie Avenue, and a police helicopter buzzing above.

Gang presence appeared to be heavy at the funeral home, with many mourners exchanging gang handshakes. The Chicago Sun-Times has video from the funeral home.

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Here’s the backstory as provided by the Chicago Tribune:

Lil Jojo — whose real name was Joseph Coleman — was gunned down last week as he rode on a bicycle with a friend at 69th Street and Princeton Avenue in the South Side’s impoverished Englewood neighborhood. Investigators have been looking into whether a war of words in the Chicago hip-hop community was linked to the slaying. A taunting tweet by rapper Chief Keef drew the interest of law enforcement.

“These kids were reaching for a false dream, and these record (companies) are coming to our city … and telling them that they’re going to be superstars. And they’re not looking at giving these kids guidance or artist development,” Lil Jojo’s cousin Charles Swift said to applause at the wake.

Outside the funeral home, at 3240 W. 79th St., hordes of Lil Jojo’s friends — many clad in T-shirts emblazoned with “R.I.P. LIL JOJO” and an imprint of his face — danced around a car as one of his songs blared from its radio. The potent smell of marijuana wafted through the air.

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(UPDATE: Chief Keef is now saying he didn’t send the taunting tweet mentioned above … he says his Twitter account was hacked. Read more at MTV News.)

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