shirley sherrod*Former Georgia State Director of the USDA, Shirley Sherrod is in a different place these days, since her reputation was thrashed.

During a discussion on Starting Point, she talked about her new book, “The Courage to Hope” and her feelings about the video that threw her career down the toilet.

She said although she was made out to be a racist, fortunately the media has provided her the opportunity to bring the truth out.

‘to have my whole life, my – well, to be cast as a racist, something I had worked against all of my life, was just so unbelievable. But it was good to have – to be able to use the press, again, to help get the truth out, which is what I wanted to do.”

But life goes on.

In fact, Sherrod admits that she’s forgiven the recently deceased media figure, Andrew Breitbart, the conservative who posted the edited clip of her.

“When you look at my life, I’ve had these, I call them bumps in the road,” she said. “You get beyond them and keep working, keep going.”

The former official is picking up where she left off and has written a book where she expresses that the president is so easily bullied, but overall, she’s proud of the work he’s done.