*Wow! Things are progressing on daytime TV for black folks, no doubt. Inch-by-inch, the numbers of black presence in front-line positions (as host or co-host on a daytime talk show) is climbing. But even with that said, it is still hard to wrap one’s brain around the fact that in the year 2012, we are still able to actually count that number. Wouldn’t you agree that if the task was to count the number of white hosts or co-hosts on TV, the result would be…countless?

Please insert a very exxaggerated, A-N-Y-W-A-Y right here. Moving on…

We can add Steve Harvey and Trisha Goddard to the daytime TV mix, and latest count of black presence on same. And to be clear, EUR congratulates them both, really. Each will debut their own Daytime Talk Show on NBC/Universal; add this to Wendy Williams’ show on Fox, network TV can now claim 3 daytime talk shows with solo black hosts.


Toss in recent news of Michael Strahan co-hosting, “Live on ABC” with  Kelly Ripa; “The Talk,” co-hosted by Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler, and “The View,” co-hosted by Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd, we can up that figure to 8.

And there’s more. The network TV talk shows-with-black-hosts market will become a bit more crowded next year, when Queen Latifah’s Will Smith-produced daytime talk show is supposed to debut. You may recall, Latifah once hosted, “The Queen Latifah Show,” a talk show which had a rather short run (1999 to 2001).

But Steve Harvey may be the frontrunner and top bet for success right off the bat here. After all, his target audience is locked in from his years of successful projects. He is a “King of Comedy” who is riding high on a recent, successful farewell concert, and subsequent multimedia platform that will allow audiences to relive the compelling footage over and over again. He authored a best-selling book and followed it up with a top-grossing movie; and hosted a longstanding, popular, radio show.

Harvey promises a talk show show that will take a “funny, fresh, insightful and common sense approach,” with topics that will include the usual suspects, especially if you’re familiar with the talk show formula: relationships of all kinds, love, sex, money matters, etc, etc, etc. The man is a shoe-in right? But we also know that wonders never cease to amaze.

Trisha Goddard has also been around for some time. An international presence; raised and educated in Tanzania, and England, she was Australian TV’s first black anchorwoman, and hosted a primetime show there as well. She later hosted two talk shows in Britain; and has appeared as a “conflict-resolution expert” on “The Maury Povich Show.” She even guest-hosted on the show a number of times in Povich’s absence.

A breast cancer survivor, Goddard is primed and ready to rumble; and her show has been described as being, “Straight talk with a no-excuses.”

We can’t wait to check both these shows out! It is, after all, the viewers continuous support that will give them a good chance of survival. Can they count on you?