tamar braxton*Something big is coming from Tamar Braxton.

The outspoken singing sister is ready to let her hair out and show the world what she’s all about with some new music.

It’s been 12 years since she released anything and now that she’s got a television reputation, she’s got to let her true talent shine.

“At first I wasn’t allowed to sing what I wanted to sing and I think that’s where the frustration came from before. It’s opinionated, it’s funky, it’s fresh. This is the true definition of Tamar.”

While her first single from the yet to be titled album was scheduled to be released this week, along with the premiere of “Tamar and Vince,” the song was pushed back two weeks.

But that’s alright. The show must go on. Fans will have the opportunity to enjoy the full album next year, while she continues to work her television magic.