*The new NBC sitcom “Guys With Kids” features Cosby kid Tempestt Bledsoe returning to series television as Marnie, a mother of four rambunctious sons and the wife of Anthony Anderson’s high-strung character Gary.


So who’s the bigger handful for Marnie, acting opposite four boys or Anthony Anderson?

“That’s a good question. It’s a horse race,” Bledsoe joked during roundtable interviews for the show, but added that Anderson’s “bigger-than-life energy” is “one of the cutest parts” of the series.

“You kind of need that to balance the four boys that we have on the show,” she said. “I think his character is really tailored with him in mind and watching everyone just bounce off of each other is truly hilarious.”

Below, Bledsoe says that even though the show is called “Guys with Kids,” the mothers of the children aren’t just there as props for the dads.

“Guys With Kids” has its official series premiere on Wed. Sept. 26 at 8:30 p.m. Watch the pilot (which NBC is calling a “full episode preview”) below.