Kesha Rogers

*Even though President Obama has mucho supporters, he’s got a legion of haters, too.

That’s not exactly new news. But when one of the haters comes from within the Democratic party and is a black woman to boot, well now that is news.

Democratic congressional candidate Kesha Rogers is harshly criticizing her president over his Affordable Care Act, likening the policy to the same ideology that led to the Holocaust.

But with talk like that, she’s going to be experiencing a new reality pretty soon. Actually, it’s already starting to happen.

The politician has basically lost the support of her fellow Democrats. But unlike her peers, she’s not backing down from her statements.

In fact, back in 2010, she called for his impeachment because of his lack of action to save the country’s economy. She called it “non-leadership.”

She’s harsh and might be a Tea Party member in disguise, or just an against the grain kind of woman.

She also campaigns on the platform that “Mr. Obama is a puppet of the bankrupt financial system, and has pushed policies made notorious by the Adolph Hitler regime, and since condemned by the entire world.”

Oh, but she’s from Texas, which could say a lot about her outspoken personality.

She’s running for the U.S. Congress for the state’s 22nd District. Some of her peers were actually surprised she won the nomination, being that she’s an outcast of the group due to her non-support of the president.

In reality, she’s really a supporter of perennial presidential candidate Lyndon Larouche, according to her website.