*Tia Mowry is a tough mommy. She endured some harsh criticism from that mean ol’ cruel world that called her baby ugly.

That’s not very nice.

But she says, it doesn’t matter what those haters say, life is good and Tia’s blessed to have her little man.

“He’s the biggest joy of my life. Why would I want to hide that?” Tia said to Sister 2 Sister, while confirming that she won’t become an overprotective parent.

“The thing is that Cree lives in the real world. To overly protect him—I think—will hurt him … This isn’t the last time somebody’s going to critique him or pick on him. Everybody has been a product of some sort of bullying.”

But so early?

While she doesn’t condone censorship, the actress lamented that everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, not all opinions need to be heard.

“It does hurt when you do hear things that are not positive and see things that are not positive,” she said. “We’re real people. For people to say they’re not affected by it, I don’t know if they’re being honest.”

Regardless, fans did come to her and her baby’s rescue, fighting the negativity.

“I have gotten so much support and love from my fans. I never realized… I guess I never really realized the power of support from fans until this situation that came about,” she said.

Overall, the experience wasn’t all a waste. Other mothers came forward sharing their similar stories of baby bullying.