From Cherry Davis…

I’m super excited that Katie Couric is going to interview talk show personality Wendy Williams about wigs on her new daytime talk show Katie!  Last May Wendy had a ‘wig a day’ theme on her self-titled talk show, and she wore a different wig every day of the month!  It’s refreshing that Wendy is honest about wearing wigs, and doesn’t act like women need to hide it.  Most people think wigs are just for people with awful, hard to manage hair, or for getting length so they can flip their hair around, or for seasonal costume parties, but they actually do serve several more purposes.  Wigs are worn for a variety of medical conditions that hit everyone from women to men and even children; some of these conditions include cancer, alopecia and baldness.  Wendy may even address how this hits her personally on the show.  No one should be ashamed to wear a wig and Katie will undoubtedly tackle this subject with Wendy in an honest & compassionate way to make sure that anyone wearing a wig knows that they aren’t the only ones!  Together Katie and Wendy will likely inspire other women to be SMART, SEXY, TOUGH & FEARLESS all the while whipping their wig back and forth.

Katie, if you’re reading this, can you please ask Wendy all my hot-button questions—like WHO does she buy her wigs from…WHERE does she buy them from…and my most burning question of all—TRADITIONAL or LACE FRONT?!  Tell us if the wigs Wendy keeps at the studio are a tax write off.  Are they insured? — For how much?  I’d love to see how an insurance agent inspects a wig for insurability.  I believe Wendy wears wigs because of a medical condition, and I’d like to learn more about that and how it impacted her personal journey to beauty.  I’m very curious to know if she prefers to wear human hair or synthetic. I can’t imagine how much she paid for her wigs and how much her entire collection is worth!  I suspect all of her wigs are custom made, but would feel a lot better if I knew they were off the rack and that I had a chance at getting similar quality.   Not to get too technical, but my burning question is — traditional or lace front?  Beyoncé is queen of the lace front, which is why her wigs can be whipped around stage when she’s dancing up a storm, but still I’m stunned by how they attach to her head without coming off!  I’ve been obsessed with lace fronts since moving to LA and seeing just how many women here wear them!  Not just the rich and famous, but my co-workers and my friends who drop some major dough to get the hair of their dreams. 

The wig world is a vast and fascinating world and includes people of all nationalities and ethnicities.  There are many misconceptions, like many people think the weave is just for African-Americans, but I have friends of all races who are enhancing their hair from small and large pieces, to buns and smart ponytails to full wigs.  They are buying hairpieces to give their hair a fuller look.  For nights out on the town they become fashion accessories.  It’s become pretty normal and most ladies look at wigs as a casual accessory like a headband. 

Celebrities have been fans of wigs and hairpieces for a long, long time.  I know that JLO rocks wigs and pieces all the time even for her signature high ponytail that I LOVE.  I mean I grew up watching Cher, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross and Joan Collins from “Dynasty” who wore wigs all the time, but now it’s a younger generation wearing them too!  Everybody is wearing wigs in Hollywood and you may be surprised who is on Team Wig!  Everyone from Katy Perry and Rihanna, to Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Serena Williams, Madonna, Adele, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga!  Well I mean EVERYONE knows Katy, Gaga and Nicki rock out in wigs, but the other women were news to me!  I’ve heard that B (you may know her as Beyoncé) has spent more than $1 MILLION dollars on her wig collection and that’s a lot of money.  Again, I wonder if it can be used as a business write off?  I’ve been looking around for a few wigs a la Beyoncé and if you buy a human hair wig off the shelf they start at $150, but to have a personalized wig they can cost up to and over $10,000!  I may need a WIG FUND.  Can I use for this?!

I spoke with Therris Spears, co-owner of Mane Appearance Salon in Los Angeles about traditional and lacefront wigs.  “A lot of entertainers wear extensions and wigs because it’s less tension on their own hair, having to get it pulled on constantly, having heat put on it, less damage with not having to color or coloring your hair regular.  It also allows someone to achieve lengths, cuts and colors that your hair may not be able to achieve, but you may have desired.  Now you can have it all.”  I was surprised when she told me that lace front wigs can only be worn for a few days because they are glued to your scalp/skin.

In honor of this Katie episode, I plan to get my ‘wig on,’ and it would be super-fun if you did too!  Whip your wig back and forth on Katie’s “Wig Day” with Wendy Williams this Wednesday, September 19th on Katie.