*“The Expendables 2” hasn’t even officially hit theaters yet and there’s already talk of a third edition. This time, producer Avi Lerner is considering bringing Wesley Snipes to the cast.

Yes, he knows the dude is in jail serving a three-year sentence. But Snipes will be back in action by July of next year if all goes well.

Despite his situation, the actor hasn’t been hindered as far as landing roles, however.

He’s got quite a stack of projects ready for him when he’s released, including a video game, “Julius Styles: The International.” It was originally meant for a feature film, but somehow became an action game.

“This project was inspired by my desire to bring my ‘Art of War,’ ‘Murder at 1600,’ and ‘Passenger 57’ characters into the game world. Julius Styles will offer something for both the mind game strategist and the kick-ass special ops warrior lover,” said Snipes.

But a film is not totally out of the question. He and his team are working on that idea.

Snipes also has an animated project, “Omandi Mech 5,” a sci-fi action adventure about a family of warrior scientists whose son is brought back from the dead as a giant hero robot.

Again, jail hasn’t prevented the actor from getting work. If only the rest of the system worked like that, there’d probably be fewer brothers locked up. But that’s an aside.