2-u-neek & brian mcknight

2-U-Neek & Brian McKnight

*Things are lookin’ up for 2-U-Neek.

Check out who they are rolling with these days.

Last Saturday (11-03-12) – in Malibu, Cali – twins Ashley and Ashton Ruiz, otherwise known as 2-U-Neek, had the opportunity to share the stage with Brian McKnight at ACT Today‘s 7th Annual Denim and Diamonds Event for Autism.

2-U-Neek sang “Hero” to a packed audience (500+)to honor the organization’s award recipients. They shared the stage not only with McKnight, but actor Shemar Moore (CBS’ “Criminal Minds”) who was a presenter as well as CBS 2 LA news anchor Pat Harvey.

By the way, ACT Today provides grants to kids with autism. And 2-U-Neek was honored to be of service because for them it’s personal. They have a little cousin afflicted with autism.

2-u-neek & shemar

2-U-Neek & Shemar Moore

2-u-neek in malibu

2-U-Neek (Ashley & Ashton Ruiz) in Malibu, CA

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