terry bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw

*Sometimes sportscasters get carried away by the action and say stupid things.

Such was the case on Sunday when FOX’  Terry Bradshaw was doing the highlights of the Miami Dolphins vs Indianapolis Colts game on “NFL Sunday” and he described Reggie Bush’s electrifying touchdown run as chasing a “bucket of chicken the wind was blowing.”

Huh? What da hell dat mean, Bradshaw? Well, whatever it means, it has a racial tinge to it.

But as we said, sometimes sportscasters say stupid things and Terry Bradshaw is at the top of the list. The former Pittsburgh Steelers multiple Super Bowl winning quarterback was once referred to by  former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson as being “so dumb he couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the ‘c’ and the ‘a’.” 🙂 That’s still a classic line to this day. On the other hand, Bradshaw and the Steelers beat Henderson and the Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII, so guess who had the last word that day?

Meanwhile back at the ranch on the set of FOX’s halftime show, in response to the Bradsaw gaffe, an awkward groan from host Curt Menefee (who’s black) was heard. The other black co-host, Michael Strahan, played it off with laughter along with Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson.

Also, at EUR posting time, neither Terry Bradshaw or FOX sports has addressed the issue.

Check it out below: