*The ruckus between Tavis Smiley and Chicago Public Media CEO Torey Malatia was just dulling down, until the other day.

It seems Malatia (pictured below) wasn’t going to let the issue get swept under the rug, so he wrote an op-ed, defending the cancellation of the show.

“I am among those who believe that complete objectivity in journalism and public affairs is humanly impossible, but I reject the notion that public media should veer into advocacy,” Malatia wrote in the Nov. 9 op-ed, posted on Current, a public media trade publication. “Advocacy journalism elevates the voice of one citizen – that of the journalist,” Malatia said.

The letter went on to criticize Cornel and his new found approach to advocacy journalism; saying the show upset listeners from either side of the political balance.

“Those who wrote to us seemed to be arguing that we should shoot journalism in the chest to balance those who had been shooting it in the back,” Malatia said.

(Read the full version of Malatia’s op-ed.)

(Read Tavis Smiley’s open letter to Malatia here.)

Last month, outspoken Smiley went off on the CEO about his decision to remove the show from WBEZ.

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