*Alright, don’t laugh when you read this story because this is for real.

Chris Brown is cleared to leave the country now that his Rihanna/court/domestic violence situation is out of the way. So he’ll be embarking on a tour shortly.

But in the meantime, he’s done the prescribed time serving the community of domestic violence victims; and has been shot at via the media and feminists.

So now he says stuff like, “Everybody looks up to me, I can say I’m a role model in a way.”


Before this is taken out of context, he was talking to Terrence J about his new charity, Symphonic Love, in which he is bringing art to children. With this new platform, the singer finds himself in a position in which kids are looking up to him, and this is his chance to rise above his dreaded past.


“I definitely want the kids to be able to see I’m doing the right thing and giving back, and I want them to have the same opportunities I had with the art, with the music, with the singing, with anything…”

Since he’s been plastered all over tabloids for what seems like the beginning of time, he has become something like a role model for youth of all ages. Whether or not he’s been a good role model is still in question. But he’s trying, right?