*Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, has taken to Twitter to address the controversy surrounding her son’s Halloween costume. The Grammy winner donned a long beard, turban, flowing robe, an ammunition belt and assault rifle in what appeared to be an impersonation of a Taliban member.

Chris Brown (Center) and his crew dressed as the Taliban for Halloween in Los Angeles (Oct. 31, 2012)

“Ain’t nobody F—ing wit my clique!!! #ohb,” Brown wrote on Instagram before arriving at Rihanna’s West Hollywood Halloween party. Though plenty of Brown’s fans backed his choice of outfit, enough folks expressed outrage for his mother to defend his actions.

“Halloween is for fun, nothing more than just fun. Get a life please,” she wrote on Twitter, adding, “So does this mean when we dress our kids as Satan we glorifying him or (is) it just out of fun???? … Keep smiling angel.”