*Christina Aguilera is no actress, but she wants a future on the big screen.

“Burlesque” was her first stab at the acting thing, but the critics were far from impressed.

Despite the hateration, Christina says it’s time to try it out again.

“I do want to do more acting. I would want to do something where I could sink my teeth into something more challenging outside of music. I sort of had this personal aspiration to do film (prior to “Burlesque”), but I said I never want to do a musical. If I do it I want it to be honest and genuine, something really different, like a crackhead on the street… something that took me out of myself.”

A new role fit for a big haired queen hasn’t come up yet, but she assures her last opportunity was a chance of a lifetime.

“I learned so much, but that wasn’t an easy set to be a part of. I think all the divas were definitely not me and Cher. Sometimes the men can be divas,” Aguilera told Billboard. “I liked it, but at the same time I felt very confined. To go into acting you have to put yourself aside, and get into your character and your role. It was an amazing experience and Cher was great. She was a great actor to learn from and have girl talk with.”

Side note: Is Christina Aguilera better looking in her more petite days or sexy as a thick chick?

We ask because frankly, that backside has grown to some epic proportions. If she does get to live her dream to play a crack head, she’d most definitely have to take a dive off the other end of the weight spectrum.