ralph gilles

Ralph Gilles, Chrysler Group Vice President for Product Design at Chrysler told Trump off via Twitter after Trump spread untruths about Jeep being sent to China.

*Well it seems that we’re not the only ones that think Donald Trump needs to stick to his casinos and hotels because everything else is a major fail.

He is clueless on any issues that affect the common man and tries to get the country revved up with rhetoric that appears to even infuriate his Republican pals.

Wow! Sounds a lot like Mitt Romney, doesn’t it?

Chrysler executive Ralph Gilles didn’t appreciate Donald Trump putting their business in the street … their inaccurate business in the street on top of that.

But isn’t that usually what gossip is? Trump (and Romney) claimed that Chrysler was going to be moving its U.S. Jeep production to China.

But once again, in all loud and wrong fashion, Trump didn’t know what he was talking about and pissed the auto making behemoth off.