*Someone is finally regretting putting all her dirty laundry out on television.

Jackie Christie’s daughter, Chantel, sat with Laura Govan during an episode of “Basketball Wives” and just put all her family’s dirty dirt out there on international television.

She blamed her mother for causing a relationship strain between her and her father; said Jackie allowed her sister Takari to be homeless for three months; and she mentioned that Jackie may have favored Chantel over her sister because of her skin color and weight.

But she later expressed remorse for throwing her family under the bus.

“I was in a bad place in MY life. Was it right? No.” Chantel tweeted. “Was it “all lies”? No. Was it 4 “publicity”? No. Did I kno where Laura was coming from? NO. Do I regret it? I regret airing my personal life out 2 sm1 who, I now feel, had malicious intent.”

She followed up with, “I regret addressing it publicly, at all. You all can believe WHATEVER you would like to.”

It appeared though that she had some mixed feeling about the incident, especially after receiving harsh criticism over her venting session, saying that she doesn’t regret doing what she did in that moment, but mentioned that it never should’ve happened.