david otunga & hostess snacks

WWE star David Otunga proudly shows off his Hostess booty of snacks (photo: TMZ)

*Wow, what an inspirational story. It makes us wonder why we didn’t think of that, too. 🙂

So what the heck are we talking about, you ask?

Well, David Otunga, the WWE star and significant other to singer Jennifer Hudson, did what we didn’t think of. After hearing that Hostess, the company that makes Twinkies and all those other delicious to eat, but really bad for your sweet snacks, is going out of business, he jumped in his car and headed for the Hostess outlet in Chicago to get his hands on as many snacks as he could.

Unfortunately he was too late. The outlet was … OUT of EVERYTHING. Undaunted, Otunga headed for the nearest supermarket and got hooked up with a whole cart full of decadent, but bad for you Hostess goodies.Roughly 80,000 calories worth, reports TMZ.

And what was Mr. Otunga’s motivation for going after all that sweet stuff from the now history Hostess company?

“I don’t want my son to go without Twinkies,” he said.

Good Dad, Bad Dad.