denzel washington (flight)*Denzel Washington has done it again. His new star vehicle, “Flight,” made $25 million after its debut in only 1900 theaters; and has already surpassed the $30 million gamble previously set by Paramount.

Hot dang!

And to think, the star and the film’s director, Robert Zemeckis, took a pay cut–just to be on the safe side. But these amazing numbers have set the studio a-buzz; as they aim for overdrive in an all-out Oscar campaign blitz. Already, according to Deadline, a new 90-second “Academy” trailer targeted specifically for awards voters has been created; and by highlighting the film’s ensemble cast, the studio hopes to also get the attention of the SAG nominating committee.

“We’re getting out our message early via actor-centric websites and areas where actors congregate online, including social media outlets. Waiting until after opening weekend allows us to highlight the critical raves which serve the dual purpose of continuing to engage movie goers along with capturing the attention of voters,” said a key Paramount awards strategist.

With “Flight” as a major contender already,Washington could be a shoo-in for his third Academy award in the Best Actor category. Paramount plans to introduce several other trailers in short order.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new trailer awards voters will see:

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for Denzel as far as “Flight” is concerned.

According to Dr. Boyce Watkins’ Black Blue Dog blog, some of Mr. Washington’s so-called “fans” are straight up ready to boycott the film.

Citing a list of reasons that the film is not worthy of a first or second look, they say that people should simply stay home and see Denzel’s next creative venture. I have no idea who generated the poster (below), but it’s certainly creating a great deal of buzz on our Facebook page.

flight boycott posterWith that being said, this film was difficult for anyone to watch. Sitting in the middle of the black female mecca of Atlanta, Denzel “Dream Boat” Washington falls in love with the kind of “marginal” white woman who fills the nightmares of every black woman who has come to love Denzel more than her own husband. The film reminds black women of the trifling brothers who consider black women as viable mates for the night, but inadequate to become wives and mothers. I literally cringed when I watched the film, because I could hear the reactions in the audience. Oh yeah, black women are the most religious demographic in all of America, and Denzel’s character refuses to even pray.

There’s more. Lots more. You can read it at Black Blue Dog.