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Dr. Steve Perry, America’s Most Wanted Educator hosts ‘Save My Son’ on TV One and he’s the founder of Capitol Prep Magnet School in Hartford, CT.

*Dr. Steve Perry is a nationally renowned educator, a regular guest on CNN and a curator of Intellectual Capitol.

Dr. Perry is the founder of Capitol Preparatory Magnet school in Hartford, Connecticut where 100% of his student body graduates and enters four year colleges and universities.  Dr. Perry’s finesse is more than a deluge of charming sound bites, he is committed to making a difference in the lives of young people and cultivating better parents and educators along the way.

His most recent platform has been in the form of the TV One reality series “Save My Son” where Dr. Perry responds to despondent mothers who have lost their sons to the streets.   Save My Son’s first season has been successful not only for the sons and families profiled on the show, but also for television audiences who have found it to be a source of quality entertainment with transformational benefits for the whole family.

The season finale aired Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 on TV One and afterwards, Dr. Perry engaged in a live U Stream chat.  The interactive discussion morphed out of the activity on Twitter which maxed out Steve’s number of tweets, so the U Stream chat was the next logical step.  EURweb was fortunate enough to have access to Dr. Perry this week and he gave us more of his poignant insight in this exclusive interview.

EURweb: What would you say is the biggest threat to a quality education for children in America?

Dr. Steve Perry: We have somehow shifted the focus on children to focusing on the job security of the adults.

EURweb:  What have you learned about the pressures that teachers face that are forced to worth within the school system? Such as the cookie cutter method, teaching to the test and other such pressures.

Dr. Steve Perry: We teach to the test, anyone who has shown some level of success is somehow teaching to the test. The test in not inherently bad, the problem is the kids have not been prepared by effective teachers…  We just have to teach our children the language of academics.

EURweb: What can parents do to help their children, when they can’t adequately articulate what the problem is?

Dr. Steve Perry: That is one of the best questions I’ve had in a long time, I don’t even want to go how far back it’s been, but that’s the crux of why I’ve done Save my Son.  That was the reason why we started this school, everything about what I do is for that sister, for that mother, for that father, for that grandmother; and in some cases even a grandfather, an aunt, an uncle , or cousin, or sister who is raising a kid and they know something is amiss but they just don’t know what it is and they don’t know how to ask for it. (Dr. Perry further states what he has seen parents do with good intentions but misguided in their approach.)  They come in and they fight for the wrong thing.  What needs to happen is, there needs to be a constant campaign to educate parents as to what it is that needs to be done.

For more on Dr. Perry’s valuable insights on teaching, parenting and education in general click on EURweb’s Exclusive interview.

Dr. Perry also offered this advice for any teacher who no longer feels that they can make a difference.  He gave his answer in one word: “Quit!”  And as for parents who no longer feel that they can make a difference?  Dr. Perry offers the antithesis: “Don’t quit!”    For students, Dr. Perry issues a heartfelt challenge to get all that they can get out of what they’ve got.  They should ask for help, commit to doing more for themselves and take their studies more seriously.

A second season of Save My Son is contingent upon fans and viewers making their comments known to TV One.  Dr. Perry is not seeking to enhance his celebrity status, he is committed to changing lives through the power of intervention and education.  Capital Preparatory Magnet School has consistently been named one of the best schools in America by US News & World Report Magazine and a host of other media outlets.  Dr. Steve Perry is also the author of Push Has Come To Shove- Getting Our Kids The Education They Deserve, which is available at To view back episodes of Save My Son and other parenting tips go to TV   Fans may send comments about Save My Son to TV One Headquarters, 1010 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910.  Follow Dr. Steve Perry on Twitter @DrStevePerry.