sondra dixon

Sondra Dixon

*Sondra Dixon was told as a child by doctors that she would not live beyond the age of 30 years old, due to being diagnosed with sickle cell anemia.

Imagine the joy of living to celebrate her 50th year this December 2, 2012.  Dixon says, “It’s truly a celebration!”  And with her first book release, “Love That Joy of Music,” she names names.  Songs, that is.  Song names that describe the joy of her working in the entertainment industry alongside the giants of the music business.

Growing up in Chicago and then San Jose, California she was exposed to the songs of Gamble & Huff as well as the songs of Motown.  In her book, she takes you on a musical journey to evoke your emotions.

You’ve got to “hear” these songs, she says.

Dixon began her music career with the late Dick Griffey’s SOLAR Records and song publishing companies and went on to music publishing success at Warner/Chappell Music and later EMI Music Special Markets.  It was at SOLAR Records that she worked with The Whispers, Shalamar, Lakeside, Klymaxx, Dynasty and The Deele with LA and Babyface.

From there she received the call to go to work at Motown, a dream come true.  Although the Jackson 5 were long gone, she had a dream of working for Motown because of the adorable Michael Jackson and his brothers.  Like all little girls, she dreamed of marrying Michael Jackson.  “I Wanna Be Where You Are.”

At Motown she worked under the late CEO Jheryl Busby.  At Motown Chapter II (post Berry Gordy), Busby allowed her to produce special events, while working as his executive assistant.  Her efforts produced tribute dinners to not only Busby, but Soul Train creator Don Cornelius.  Her Super Bowl ring she says is when she produced and coordinated a tribute dinner to Berry Gordy in which he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Black Business Association.

Her journey includes working with superstar Stevie Wonder, handling marketing projects with him and accompanying Wonder to a special ceremony with former President William Jefferson Clinton at the White House where Wonder received the Key to the City in Washington, D.C. as well as the Duke Ellington School.

To round out her career, Dixon has produced and coordinated tribute dinners that included legendary icons Muhammad Ali, the late Rosa Parks, and many more.

Although she has many, Dixon’s favorite group is Kool & The Gang.  In her book she describes one time after suffering from a sickle cell crisis, she decided to go to a Kool & The Gang show.  She had not long been released out of the hospital and was still sore and in pain from the aftermath of the disease.  But once the infectious grooves started, she found herself with her hands up in the air and “celebrating” good times.

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