the g.i.n. legacy cover*When I think of international spy thrillers Robert Ludlum’s The Ambler Warning and The Matarese Circle comes to mind, as well as Larry Collins’ The Road To Armageddon.

Michael Julian’s The G.I.N. Legacy is in a similar vein, offering fast paced excitement and intrigue, sprinkled in with a bit of romance and allure intensified by an international setting, Paris.

What sets this book apart is a unique new concept and ingredient, a husband and wife team. Jason Wade and his wife Kira are this unlikely team of protagonists in a struggle against G.I.N. (Global Intellect Network), an organized network inspired by some of the most ruthless conquerors in history. The heroes of G.I.N. are savage killers like Hitler and Genghis Khan; heartless tyrants, coldblooded murderers! They tend to emulate these characters.

I like the way the author grabs your attention and settles you down from the very beginning of this book, and gets you in the proper mood, as he states:

“The French countryside was shrugging off the chill of a rough winter that had spread throughout Europe. Finally signs of spring were starting to emerge. A strong northern wind gusted that foggy morning as the man waited outside the train station for his contact.”

One can almost feel the chill in the air that Julian describes. The author uses this type of imagery throughout the book, which makes for a captive audience among readers. Julian is meticulous in his attention to detail throughout this well written novel, from his descriptions of the countryside, house furnishings, and even the weather. There is luxury and lavishness throughout, which underscores the high level of lifestyle that Wade and his wife Kira have been accustomed to. The book also has an urban feel and flavor to it, as a lot of the action is centered around Harlem in New York, with the music industry having a role. As a matter of fact, Wade’s childhood friends are prominently involved in the telling of this story, as well as how his father lived and died.

The G.I.N. Legacy is an exceptionally well written, fast paced story about secret agents, black ops, betrayal at every corner, unconditional love and bonding of a highly skilled husband and wife team confronting a brutal, cynical organization bent on world domination and its cunning sadistic leaders. The book was addictive to me as once I started reading it I could not seem to put it down. The climax and ending to this book and story seemed to have been from a James Bond 007 movie. This surprise ending definitely caught me off guard, as I am sure it will with all readers, which makes it worthy of a Hollywood script.  As with every spy thriller, there has to be a villain, and in this book it is the Scorpion, a ruthless assassin that utilizes a venom tinged knife to kill his victims.

The telling of this story of intrigue and espionage actually begins on the outskirts of Paris with a brutal murder. World renowned chef Jason Wade is contacted by an ex-girlfriend – a covert agent who needs help desperately. But then she mysteriously disappears. Wade is suddenly thrust back into his dark past, and tied to an agency he has long since tried to distance himself from – the ultra-clandestine International Intelligence Agency, INIA. Once again, he finds himself trapped in a web of espionage and anonymous killers. Wade and his wife become targets of a secret network, the Global Intellect Network, G.I.N., whose tentacles reach every government in the world. The Vice President of the United States and the Speaker of the House are actually members of G.I.N. The couple is on the run across two continents forced to play a bloody game of survival as Wade tries to solve the puzzle left behind by his ex-girlfriend. Finding the answers will stop G.I.N. from a deadly global take over, already in the works. Wade is the only one who can piece together the clues, the only one who can stop them! His ultimate challenge comes when his wife is kidnapped by the group and he has to choose between stopping the Network’s plot, hours away from execution, or saving the love of his life. There isn’t time to do both.

There is a riveting sequence in this book reminiscent of Ludlum’s The Osterman Weekend, when Wade, Kira and an agent of INIA are hemmed up in the villa of Wade’s ex-girlfriend, and assassins surround the place intent on entering and killing them. Wade and his wife escape through a secret underground tunnel, which adds to the mystique of this masterful novel. Again, something worthy of a Hollywood script!

The network (G.I.N.) was behind the most terrifying natural disasters in history. They had instigated the bloodiest coups in the last ten-plus years and were responsible for promoting genocide, escalating drug trafficking, violent crime syndicates, and unspeakable terrorist acts in India and elsewhere in the hemisphere. They had created a firestorm of chaos, all designed for a world takeover. The existence of a powerful electromagnetic weapon more frightening to the world than any nuclear bomb, only heightens the dire state of affairs the world is in. The President sees a surge of dissonance developing  everywhere from genocide and human rights issues, the escalation of violent crimes and drugs to unstable and corrupt governments, social unrest, hunger, terror proliferation, and nuclear threats. Of course, all of this is by design!

This spellbinding book, with its many twists and turns, along with its surprising conclusion, is a must read. It is a book that I highly recommend, and I can’t wait for the movie!

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Dennis Moore is a writer and book reviewer with the East County Magazine in San Diego and the book review editor for SDWriteway, an online newsletter for writers in San Diego. He is the author of a book about Chicago politics; “The City That Works: Power, Politics and Corruption in Chicago.” Mr. Moore can be contacted at [email protected] or you can follow him on Twitter at: @DennisMoore8.


The G.I.N. Legacy
by Michael Julian
(Amazon, 2012, 306 pages)