romney (no) sign *In the wake of getting his right-wing Republican posterior royally kicked from sea to shining sea two Tuesdays ago, it appears that Willard Mitt Romney is doing exactly the opposite of what a “gracious winner” should be doing. There’s no soul-searching for Mitt, no helpful contributions to the spirit of togetherness that might help a country bruised from a wearying election.

No, no. Instead, there’s just blame. It’s the equivalent of a vanquished little leaguer spitting into their palms before the post-game handshake. According to Mitt, Obama won the election because he was “generous” to black, Hispanic and young voters. Great idea, Mitt – continue to alienate the fragments of society that just voted against you by monstrous margins in the last margin.

Oh, but that’s not the only reason the Republicans were demolished. The right-wing sound machine went into action right away. According to Rush Limbaugh, it was the nation that was at fault; he called America a “country of children” and compared Obama to old St. Nick, saying that America chose between work or “Santa Claus.” Bah, humbug.

According to Sean Hannity, the Obama campaign’s negative tactics were too much for poor old Mitt; the “wall-to-wall” ugly campaign helped to scare the public into voting for Barack. Hannity and ultra-right wing crazy person Ann Coulter blamed the free-voting public, stating that America just needed to be taken care of. Or maybe it was the massive voter fraud that did the country in, as claimed by the extremists like this nut in Maine.

Wait, but the right wing has an answer for this miscarriage of democracy – secession! Check out this loon on Fox News, advocating for Texas to split from the union and the rest of the country’s “Marxist” states (). It’s not only the Lone Star state, too. Check out the U.S. map of all the paranoid crybabies wanting to relive those wonderful 1860s. Yikes. You almost want to give these people a dose of medication and a ticket to a screening of Lincoln.

Face it, conservatives. You lost. You lost badly. You lost because of your neanderthal, backwards policies, and you lost because you chose to pander to the Limbaugh / Coulter / Hannity Fox News-style crazies instead of offering practical, down-to-earth solutions to the very real problems the country faces. Americans saw right through it. You can whine, blame others, stamp your feet and threaten to run away like a spurned child, but none of that’s going to change what happened. It’s time for a good, hard look at your principles – and it’s time to grow up.