ginuwine & tank*CNikky, EURweb’s associate, was on the scene at the 2012 Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas. While there, Ginuwine & Tank of TGT stopped by to chat about their up coming album.

Tyrese of course is the third member of the newly formed R&B group, but as they explained, he had not yet arrived from filming his latest movie “Fast & Furious 6.”

An impressed CNikky say “the extremely handsome” R&B singers had a lot to say about R&B newcomer Luke James joining their group.  And you’ll never guess their celebrity crush from back in the day. Tank revealed that he has been preparing for the moment he can do Ginuwine’s “Pony” dance or the famous “broom trick” from the “None of Your Friend’s Business” video.

Specifically …

What can we expect from the upcoming album:

“It’s coming out probably in March, we’ll probably be finished by December.   You can just expect great R&B music. We’ve all done great with our solo careers, but us coming together will just give you that great 3 punch combo.”

When asked about Luke James joining TGT:

“Luke James is one of my young Thundercats.  We raised the young fella. He’s becoming a powerhouse.  Nothing less talented about that kid.”

When told Luke was doing push ups to get in on the Shirts Off Tour:

“He gotta do that.  No birds allowed!”

When asked about their celebrity crush (you have to watch to see who it was, but here’s a hint):

“Good hair, light skinned,  a little mocha undertone…man, I’m still looking for her!”

Watch the interview:

Watch TGT perform on the Soul Train Awards this Sunday, November 25 at 8pm E/P  on BET and Centric!