sheldon stephens & kevin clash insert *Pretty boy Sheldon Stephens is talking.

Stephens, the guy who blew the whistle, not to mention something else, on Kevin Clash (formerly the voice Sesame Street puppet, Elmo), sat down with “The Insider” show to clear his name and explain the reasons for his recants.

And, by the way, he thinks he’s been treated unfairly by the media.

“I would like to say my name has been unfairly dragged through the media and it made me look like a monster. The whole world reacted in such a negative way and they haven’t really gotten a chance to know who I am and to even ask the right questions to figure out what kind of person I am. Rather, they reacted off of hearsay and rumors and speculation of the whole situation. The biggest misconception about me is that I’m a liar, extortionist.”

As we reported, Kevin Clash has since resigned from the Sesame Street Workshop following underage sex accusations from another young man named Cecil Singleton.

Watch the interview: