florid early voters

Florida’s early voters stand in hellish lines with no reprieve this weekend.

*Once again, Florida is at the center of controversial issues in their voting process. But they better not be trying any funny business at the polls again.

Florida’s early voters came out to the polls looking for an easy flowing line that would ensure their vote was in before the heavy lines of tomorrow’s election day, but their experience was nothing less than nightmarish. The lines were long and some polls shut down before some were allowed to vote, according to the Huffington Post.

The voters faced record wait times in the beaming sun and Republican governor, Rick Scott, refused to extend early voting hours, so some people waited and were not allowed to vote.

In addition, people were told they could turn in their absentee ballot and/or pick up one at the poll, yet they were turned away because polls closed their doors due to high turnout and were told they didn’t have anymore absentee ballots. What kinda fraggle nackle, bull crackle is that?!