The Rev. John J. Hunter*Rev. John J. Hunter, as seen in the 2005 photo above, was recently transferred to Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in San Francisco from First AME in L.A. after an eight-year tenure marred by a sexual harassment lawsuit, a federal tax investigation and the questionable use of church credit cards.

But members of the new church weren’t too thrilled to have him and rejected the reverend. In fact, the congregation’s current leaders went as far as generating a resolution to ban him from leading.

They said the assignment could “impair the legacy, reputation, relationships and goodwill” of the church in the community.

When Hunter, cloaked in his white pastor robe and carrying his Bible, showed up at the church Nov. 4 ready to preach, church officials said, they confronted him in the foyer and demanded that he produce the signed declaration from Bishop T. Larry Kirkland stating his new assignment.

Hunter did not have a copy of the declaration and church officials blocked him from taking the pulpit.

The rejection — unheard of in the AME denomination — pits the small, 650-member congregation against the executive orders of Kirkland and has many churchgoers questioning the ramifications of their protest.

Now it looks like he’s a pastor without a congregation to lead.

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