*People do love and marry differently around the world, but it’s definitely something to talk about when a beauty queen says she’s wife number two in a polygamist relationship.

Former Miss Kenya, Cecilia Mwangi, came out recently that she is in the fifth year of her marriage to comedian Walter Mong’are, also known as Nyambane.

A modern woman, Cecilia and her ‘sister wife’ Linda are both young and educated. She wants people to understand that this culture is not outdated or only occurs in the ‘bush.’

Although she’s been quite public about the taboo relationship, the couple – er uh… triouple? – didn’t want to reveal the husband’s name due to his political affiliations. It’s election time, so Cecilia said she is concerned about his opponents would use his polygamist lifestyle against him. Besides that, the family is expecting a child soon.

Cecilia and Linda are among many young and educated Kenyans who are admitting to being in polygamous unions, a trend that has debunked the belief that polygamy is an outdated culture, a press release says.

Polygamy is certainly still more common among older, rural women, however, the culture is still prevalent in this generation of professional women.

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